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The Lokate device

Protect your most valuable assets.

Lokate is a lone worker solution based upon a miniature communications and positioning device providing lone workers with an alerting system which they can activate discreetly after an incident or when they are faced with a potentially violent or intimidating situation.

How does Lokate work?

The Lokate personal device is linked to a dedicated response centre where alerts are handled, allowing a trained respondant to listen to any incident, discuss with the wearer, record events and summon immediate assistance for the lone worker if necessary.

A comprehensive safety and communication solution for lone workers

Built in GPS - for live visibility of your team

Lokate gives you complete insight into the current location and historical movements of your lone workers, all accessed from an easy to use website. Location updates are made every 15 minutes.

Discreet panic alert

Lone workers can press the duress button when they encounter a threatening or violent situation, or when they have had an accident. Alerts are received by a dedicated alarm receiving centre who can listen in to events as they unfold and escalate the situation with the relevant emergency services.

Integrated mobile phone - with phone book and silent call facility

Lokate allows the wearer to call a list of preconfigured phone numbers that you define. This ensures your team can stay in contact throughout the day, without the spiralling costs associated with regular mobile phones.

Messaging made easy

Text messages can be sent to any member of your team that is wearing the device. A quick and cost effective way to stay in touch.

Shift Management - for total peace of mind

Your lone workers can sign on and off from their shifts using Lokate, allowing you to monitor their working hours. If a lone worker fails to sign off at the agreed time, a series of reminders or overtime alerts are issued to relevant management and/or our 24 hour dedicated alarm receiving centre.

Why provide protection for your Lone workers?

The Lokate solution is designed to address the needs of people who can potentially find themselves in a threatening position such as verbal or physical abuse, accidents, dangerous occupations or environments with a risk of physical danger.

Some facts about Lone Workers

A 2003 study by the 'British Crime Survey' in the UK showed that there were 849,000 incidents of violence at work, 413,000 of these were physical attacks, and 418,000 of these were violent abuse, 196,000 workers had been attacked by a member of the public. Given the risks lone workers face everyday, a lone worker solution provides an effective way for you to fulfil your duty of care obligations.

Protection for you and your teams....

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