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Three X have partnered with the world's leading provider of mobile workforce scheduling, 360 Technologies to develop the first mobile field service solution with fully integrated, automatic dynamic job scheduling.

Scheduling systems are traditionally very complex solutions. They are also very expensive, both to buy and, just as importantly, very time consuming, taking weeks of expensive consultancy work to integrate and set up. Because we've done all the hard integration work, users of Three X Office can be up and running in hours instead of weeks and at a far lower cost than would normally be available.

Dynamic Scheduling screen
Appointment booking engine
Dynamic Scheduling screen
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Appointment Booking Engine

The standard scheduling system automates the schedule and allocates jobs to the most cost effective time slots automatically, without user intervention. An optional module is available for users who need to be able to offer their customers appointment booking slots.

This module will display a selection of the optimum available time slots in which the job can be done, based on cost, so that these can be offered to the customer. Once a job has been scheduled in this way, it will not be moved by the dynamic scheduler.

What does it mean that the schedule is ‘Dynamic’?

This solution is a truly dynamic system. This means that it never finalises a schedule. At any time, as a new job is created, the system will automatically re-calculate the entire schedule to ensure it is always optimised. You can also fix slots/appointments when they must be completed at a certain time to meet customer requirements.

Can Dynamic Scheduling link to my Masternaut vehicle tracking solution?

Tracking is not essential to the operation of the scheduler. However you will get far more accurate and up to date information, and therefore gain greater benefit, by having tracking fitted so that the system always has up to date location information to check schedule compliance. The optimiser is fully compatible with the Masternaut tracking system.

Who is Dynamic Scheduling for?

The 360 scheduling system will bring huge benefits to any field-service organisation. By automatically providing the optimum job schedule it allows work to be carried out in the most cost-effective way, maximising resources and jobs per day, reducing operational costs, increasing profitability and improving customer service.

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