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The World's best automated dynamic scheduler is now fully
integrated with Three X Mobile solutions.

What is Job Scheduling?

Job scheduling systems are also known as Optimisers. Working out the optimum way to allocate jobs amongst field workers so that the jobs can be carried out in the most efficient way and at the least cost to the business.

Without Dynamic Scheduling, jobs have to be allocated manually. When a job is created, you have to see who is available to do that job, find out who is free to do it, find out when they are in the area, make sure they have the correct skills or tools to do the job, work out how long it will take to travel to the site from the previous job, make sure the job can be done within the SLA agreed with the customer (avoiding any penalties) and then send the job to the person you have worked out is best placed to do it.

This is okay when there are only a few jobs to allocate to a few mobile workers, but when the numbers increase, it soon becomes impossible to work out the optimum schedule.

This is what our Dynamic Scheduler does; it works out the optimum schedule quickly and automatically and then sends the jobs out to your mobile devices. Jobs can be entered manually into the system or imported in batches. The scheduling system will then automatically manage the schedule and populate the diary in Three X Office so that all the scheduled jobs can be seen including travelling time and meal breaks. It is a simple plug-in to Three X office, so existing users can be up and running in almost no time.

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