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Cashflow Improved

Signature capture means that proof of delivery is sent back to your office in real-time allowing you to raise invoices instantly. This puts an end to the delays of waiting for paper forms to be returned, improving your cashflow. It also means customer enquiries can be dealt with immediately. Accurate information about the date, time and person who signed for the delivery is just a few clicks away.

Complete more drops/deliveries per day

A mobile solution will improve your productivity, enabling more drops to be completed each day. It enables you to focus your drivers on improving their turnaround at each stop and minimising delays. You'll also have increased visibility of the productivity and adherence to SLAs for each of your teams or drivers out on the road.

Compare planned vs actual

To make it easy to manage performance and highlight exceptions, our mobile solutions for transport and logistics provide you with information on planned vs actual, allowing variances and productivity to be monitored (e.g. arrival time, time on site and departure time).

Everything a driver needs

Your mobile solution will mean that drivers and your mobile workforce have all the information they need to carry out each delivery. This includes customer name and address details with full information on the items to be delivered at each location. Everything is clearly displayed reducing the errors and discrepancies that can occur when using paper manifests. Your drivers will appreciate having everything they need in one place. Your customers will notice the difference when your employees arrive on site already aware of any special instructions.

Go Paperless


Mobile solutions for delivery are paperless, removing the need for costly and wasteful paper forms. The instant flow of information removes the cost of additional administration as well as the processing delays associated with having to return completed forms at the end of each day.

Can link to your existing back office system

Three X Delivery can link to your existing back-office for complete integration and a seamless flow of information. This further increases efficiencies, improves visibility and avoids any unnecessary doublekeying or manual administration, allowing your office-based team to focus on driving your business forward.

Information sent back in real-time

You'll have complete visibility of progress as it happens with no need to contact drivers manually by phone. Information is send back and updated in real-time, so you always have an up-to-the-minute view. This allows instant updates when requested by your customers.

Real-time data

Optional GPS tracking

Three X mobile solutions integrate with the Masternaut vehicle tracking solution, allowing deliveries and other real-time information to be viewed on the map. GPS tracking gives you even more visibility including a turn by turn audit trail of vehicle movements and speeds. There is also an option to track your mobile devices using their builtin GPS capability.

Easy loading of routes and electronic manifests

Your route and drops can be easily imported whether created manually in Excel, or from Masternaut's advanced web-based route optimiser. Three X Delivery is also compatible with all the major routing, scheduling and optimisation tools e.g. Paragon.

Fuel savings - with integrated Sat-Nav

Three X Delivery integrates with sat-nav allowing for easy and effective travel from drop to drop. Addresses are automatically entered for each destination making the solution quick and efficient to use. This will improve routing and reduce unnecessary road miles.

Custom Workflows

Workflows can be tailored to the needs of your business including adding custom forms and data fields. You can add workflows such as start and end-of-day vehicle checks, delivery/installation instructions or anything else that relates to your operations.

Photo Evidence and Barcode Scanning

Three X Delivery allows your mobile workers to take photos at the point of delivery/collection as part of the workflow that has been set up. It's an ideal way to collect evidence which is invaluable in dealing with customer enquiries/discrepancies. Photos are sent back automatically and are stored safety with the rest of the job/delivery information. Photos can be time and date stamped and annotated. Our mobile solutions also support barcode scanning.

Photo evidence and barcode scanning
Example screens
Example screens

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