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Cashflow Improved

Signature capture means that proof of delivery/collection is sent to your back office in real-time allowing you to raise invoices instantly. This puts an end to the delays of waiting for paper forms to be returned, improving your cashflow. It also means customer enquiries can be dealt with immediately. Accurate information about the date, time and location of an asset and who signed for it is just a few clicks away.

Greater visibility of assets on-hire or off-hire

With Three X Hire, you can give your customers exact information about the location of assets and their availability. You have an accurate picture of assets that are on or off-hire. Additionally, your assets can be fitted with GPS tracking devices from Masternaut giving even more visibility to pinpoint their exact location and providing protection in the event of loss/theft.

The right information when its needed

Your mobile solution means that your mobile workforce has all the information it needs to carry out each delivery or collection. This includes customer name and site details with full information on the assets to be delivered at each location. Everything is clearly displayed reducing the errors and discrepancies that can occur when using paper forms. Your customers will notice the difference when you arrive on site already aware of special instructions and their specific needs.

Go Paperless


Our mobile solution for Hire businesses is paperless, removing the need for costly and wasteful paper forms. The instant flow of information removes the cost of additional administration as well as the processing delays associated with having to return completed forms at the end of each day (which can delay invoicing).

Instantly prove the condition of returned plant alongside customer signature

Photos can be taken at the point of asset delivery and collection allowing accurate evidence to be captured on asset condition, damages and wear and tear. These photos are time, date and location stamped and are sent back automatically. This information is invaluable in dealing with customer disputes and ensures everything is captured quickly and efficiently.

Information sent back in real time

You'll have complete visibility of progress as it happens with no need to contact your team members manually on the phone. Information is sent back and updated in real-time, so you always have an up-to-the-minute view. This allows instant updates when requested by your customers.

Works the way you do - custom workflows

Workflows can be tailored to the needs of your business including adding custom forms and data fields. You can add workflows such as start and end-of-day vehicle checks, delivery/collection instructions or anything else that relates to your operations and the way you do business.

Links to your existing back office system

Three X Hire works with your existing back-office for complete integration and a seamless flow of information. This further increases efficiencies, improves visibility and avoids any unnecessary double-keying or manual administration, allowing your officebased team to focus on driving your business forward.

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