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Masternaut's innovative 'turn by turn' tracking

turn by turn tracking
6 April, 2006

The latest innovation from vehicle telematics company Masternaut is 'turn by turn' vehicle tracking. The development means vehicle movement logs are boosted with extra location information captured at every turn. The most accurate system of its type in the world, this pinpoint accuracy is crucial for any operation where accurate street-by-street logs of vehicle movements are required, such as road gritting, street cleansing and vehicle-based asset surveying.

Masternaut already offer live tracking with live updates literally seconds apart and the turn by turn data logging adds vital detail in urban areas dominated by numerous streets, cul-de-sacs and pathways. Turn by turn tracking works by sensing any 15 degrees or greater turn of the wheel, ensuring that movements are recorded as a vehicle turns. The beginning and ends of streets are accurately mapped so no section of street can be missed.

Masternaut is provided as a web service so live tracking and the route data logs are made available via any Internet connected PC; no special software is required. Masternaut onboard telematics can connect to vehicle equipment sensors to record actual activity at any point on route. This will show for example if brushes are up or down on a street sweeper, whether grit is being dispensed from a gritting vehicle, and whether a patrol vehicle passed a specific property.


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