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Masternaut boosts productivity at Ward Recycling by 40%

Ward Recycling
10 September, 2007

Ward Recycling, a leading environmental services company, has implemented Masternaut for tracking its entire fleet of 50 collection vehicles. This has already led to a 40% increase in productivity. The innovative web-based Masternaut service also tracks sales representatives cars, generates management reports and identifies its drivers using unique IDs. Ward Recycling is one of the UK's largest independently-owned waste management and recycling companies and has annual turnover in excess of £25 million.

To identify vehicles at work, each of the company's weighbridges is equipped with a large LCD screen on which vehicle movements can easily be tracked in real time. "We use Masternaut for live tracking; the mapping is simply superb and we see it being the best on the market," says Donald Ward, Waste Management & Recycling Manager, Ward Recycling.

Ward Recycling is taking advantage of Masternaut's ID Key Solution to link drivers with vehicles. The company's normal practice is to assign drivers to specific vehicles, but on occasions they must drive other vehicles. By using the dash-mounted Masternaut Key Reader to read driver ID keys, management know exactly who is driving a specific vehicle at any particular time, which enables immediate identification of the driver should any query arise related to the vehicle. This is encouraging a positive attitude to work by making staff more accountable and consequently Ward Recycling has seen a 40% leap in productivity.

"A big increase in productivity, much better timekeeping, greater awareness of individual responsibilities and an overall improvement in accountability are among the many positive outcomes of using Masternaut," says Ward.

A key feature of Masternaut is the ability to generate reports that are tailored to Ward Recycling's requirements. "The bespoke reporting is very good. We can use these to drill down to fine detail. We can pull off realtime reports on individual drivers and vehicles. These can answer many queries and helps with settling disputes with customers. For example, we may get a complaint about a driver damaging a customer's property. With Masternaut we know without a shadow of a doubt whether or not the driver was on the scene and we can quickly resolve the issue," says Ward.

Ward Recycling is currently reviewing the opportunity to utilise Masternaut for digital delivery notes with the ability to capture electronic signatures. This future extension to its Masternaut service will also provide electronic job schedules, further streamlining Ward Recycling's operations.

An established user of tracking systems, Ward Recycling was dissatisfied with its previous service that it had subscribed to on a 5-year contract. It stopped using that supplier's service after 3 years, switching to Masternaut in March 2007.  Ward Recycling immediately recognised the benefit of the superior Masternaut service.

"We are extremely pleased with Masternaut and have already recommended the service to 3 of our customers who have already signed up," concludes Donald Ward.


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