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Masternaut in-vehicle PDA transmits destinations and navigates driver

1 November, 2003

Masternaut has launched M-Schedule, an innovative PDA-based mobile office system that integrates with satellite navigation. Entirely Web-based, the system offers nearest-resource identification and electronic job despatch. GPS satellite navigation guides the driver to the job location through street maps and live route tracking displayed on PDA devices such as iPAQs and XDAs.

With easy to access from anywhere via the Internet, M-Schedule adds useful features to the popular Masternaut fleet information service. Able to integrate with existing despatch systems, the system schedules work, automatically identifies the first available resource based on an electronic diary and current location. Job details are sent to the PDA or a mobile phone.

M-Schedule takes advantage of Masternaut’s ground-breaking fleet information service that links telematics technology and ‘always on’ GRPS communications to the Web. Operating in real time, companies can dynamically schedule services through live information on the nearest available resource to the call-out.

M-Schedule is ideally suited to businesses with engineers, inspectors, drivers and other staff on the road. The system can be easily adapted to handle service call despatch and closure, deliveries, and other response-based and emergency services. PDA software includes on-screen signature capture for electronic Proof of Delivery and service sign-off.

In-vehicle, the PDA sits in a dashboard cradle and doubles as an advanced vehicle navigation system displayed routes and actual vehicle position in real-time. A voice over provides audio directions for safer driving as it eliminates to need to view the screen when moving.

The complete Masternaut service, incorporating live tracking, e-mailed activity reports, together with M-Schedule job scheduling and navigation, is available for just £2.50 per day per vehicle. No upfront investment in needed in special computer software as the service is simply available on the Web through any PC or device with a Web browser.


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