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Traffic monitor counts on Masternaut Three X for fleet tracking

Count On Us
19 March, 2008

Leeds, UK, 19 March 2008 – Leading transportation data collection and analysis company Count On Us is equipping its fleet of field service vehicles with advanced satellite tracking from Masternaut Three X. The online service enables Count On Us to monitor travel and idling time, fuel usage and job hours to conform to The Working Time Directive and to reconcile timesheets for payroll.

Count On Us installs and maintains fully self-contained video units to provide CCTV monitoring of traffic flows to Local Authorities throughout the UK and Ireland. An ISO 14001 accredited organisation, Count On Us will use Masternaut to help streamline ISO audits by delivering accurate, independent real-time activity and historical reports for its technicians and vehicles.

Installation and maintenance technicians are assigned to regional offices and start each day's work from home. Masternaut reports the exact time that the technician sets out for the day's work, monitors the route and time taken as well as providing Thatcham Category 5 security to protect the expensive specialised equipment on board the vehicle.

“The Masternaut service provides me with highly detailed reports that allow me to more easily manage the team. It gives me precise information about the time our technicians set out from and return home to do their jobs, their exact mileage, accurate route tracking and I know that the vehicles are secure,” says Mike Smith, Field Services Manager, Count On Us.

Mike Smith also uses Rapide, the mobile version of the Masternaut service, while he is out and about checking on his team. Rapide gives him the full functionality of the always-on fully-managed Masternaut service while he is out in the field, allowing him full access to vital operational information when he is away from the office.

Count On Us is eager to develop Masternaut functionality. Mike Smith reports that the company is reviewing the Masternaut GreenerFleet tool called the Carbon Calculator. The company aims to upload its vehicle information into the Carbon Calculator to gain a clear picture of the fleet's carbon footprint as well as the environmental impact of individual vehicles. Armed with this information and the real-time route and fuel usage tracked by Masternaut, Count On Us will be able to easily audit the total carbon footprint of its busy fleet.

Mike Smith is also working closely with Masternaut Three X to develop innovative service interval and vehicle excise duty reminder reports. These reports will be sent as advanced warning emails to technicians and managers. It is hoped that this will ensure that vehicles will not miss crucial servicing nor be driven without a valid 'tax disc'.


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