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Masternaut TourSolver software optimises fleet use

1 January, 2000

Masternaut has launched a vehicle routing and scheduling package to improve the utilisation of fleets of all types and sizes. Masternaut TourSolverTM offers sophisticated but very easy-to-use features as part of an affordable package that includes UK-wide electronic street mapping to show locations and routes.

TourSolver handles multiple vehicles and sites, and integrates with Masternaut’s live vehicle tracking service. Logs of actual routes taken and sequences can be analysed and compared to modelled results to enable optimisation of vehicle-based operations.

Masternaut has developed TourSolver to take advantage of the extensive digital mapping and advanced software features provided by Microsoft MapPoint. The package promises to open up routing and scheduling to thousands of smaller companies previously put off by high costs and over-complicated software.

"With the Masternaut fleet information service, sophisticated technology and real business benefits have become available to many more companies with commercial vehicles. Now, for the first time, these companies can start automating their routing and scheduling to improve resource utilistation" says Martin Port, MD of Masternaut.

TourSolver provides computerised analysis of route durations, costs and sequence taking into account varying conditions and constraints. Using standard office software tools, the design will be familiar to anyone used to using a PC. Results are simply displayed and printed using Excel or Word, with routes shown or plotted using the integral MapPoint software.

"For many companies, vehicles and mobile workers represent the highest single overhead” says Martin Port. "However, these resources are often very under-utilised. By monitoring vehicle activity and then analysing the results, companies can make adjustments to provide a more streamlined and profitable business".


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