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Masternaut Three X just the medicine for PolarSpeed

19 June, 2008

Leeds, UK, 18 June 2008 - PolarSpeed Thermologistics has invested in an end-to-end logistics and vehicle management solution from Masternaut Three X. Integrated with PolarSpeed’s own back office system and online consignment tracking service the system provides navigation and vehicle tracking with critical on board temperature monitoring and an automated PDA based proof of delivery solution.

PolarSpeed is at the cutting edge of temperature controlled distribution for the pharmaceutical industry.  From their nationwide network of depots PolarSpeed deliver nearly 400,000 time critical consignments per annum. Delivering to hospitals, GP surgeries, retail pharmacies, wholesalers and patient’s homes PolarSpeed ensure that vaccines, life saving drugs, cancer treatments and diagnostic equipment, for example, arrive on time and in accordance with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) rigorous cold chain standards.

“Continuous investment in technology has meant we are always at the cutting edge of temperature controlled distribution and we remain totally dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry,” said Brian McKay, Operations Director, “and the Masternaut Three X solution is an integral part of this success.”  

Masternaut Three X uses satellite technology combined with high speed communications to establish and communicate the exact position of each of PolarSpeed’s 75 temperature controlled delivery vehicles. With minute-by-minute movement tracking and real time on board temperature monitoring, all accessed via a secure, easy to use web interface Masternaut Three X ensures PolarSpeed managers have the critical information they need at the touch of a button. Integrated with PolarSpeed’s Distribution Planning Software (DIPS) the Masternaut Three X solution also enables the improved business forecasting with comparison of planned deliveries versus actual.

“Prior to using Masternaut Three X we assumed a standard operating profile for every vehicle, regardless of type, location or route assigned,” continued McKay. “By monitoring vehicle activities we have been able to improve our management and operational modelling achieving an estimated 10% gain in efficiency.”

PolarSpeed has also recently started the nationwide roll out of new ‘track and trace; service. Using Masternaut Three X PDA based logistics solution PolarSpeed’s drivers can capture Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures and instantly transmit this information to PolarTrack, Polarspeed’s proprietary online consignment tracking service. Using a secure web log in PolarSpeed’s clients now have twenty-four seven access to critical consignment information.        


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