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Masternaut Three X technology adds polish to Newark Steel's operations

Newark Steel
12 August, 2008

Leeds, UK, 12 August 2008 - Structural and engineering steel specialist Newark Steel has implemented a cutting-edge Masternaut Three X satellite tracking service for its fleet of delivery vehicles. Newark Steel is reporting quicker response and improved customer service levels. In addition the web-based real-time service has improved driver safety and has reduced unnecessary fuel usage by monitoring vehicle engine idling.

Newark Steel is making extensive use of both real-time information as well as detailed historical reports in both the sales and transport management offices.

“Since using Masternaut we have eased confusion for our sales people. Instead of trying to locate drivers via the telephone they are able to use the screen in the sales office to gain instant access to real-time information about customer deliveries. They are now able to tell clients where their loads are and when they can expect them to arrive. It is a huge improvement,” said Dave Rollings, Operations/Administration Manager, Newark Steel.

“Our transport management office runs Masternaut in the background so that we can instantly find out precisely where our vehicles are at any time. This is proving extremely useful as we can now accurately promise second run deliveries. Access to real-time information has removed the guesswork and our customers are seeing an improved level of service,” he continues.

By utilising Masternaut's vehicle idling report functionality Newark Steel management is able to identify inefficiencies due to stationary vehicles running their engines unnecessarily. “Using live and historical reports we can readily encourage our drivers to keep engine idling to a minimum, which is good for us and good for the environment,” says Dave Rollings.

Newark Steel is also benefiting from improved driver safety. Dave Rollings reports: “With the real-time screen we can see exactly who is driving and who is stationary. This has a dual benefit. We now only contact drivers using the hands-free telephone when the vehicle is stationary, so that they are not distracted while driving. We can also check on drivers if they appear to have been stationary for longer than expected. We then know they are safe and that they were merely delayed on site.”


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