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Masternaut Three X to deliver IT by wire

Cloud-based services
16 January, 2009

Leeds, UK, 19 January 2009 – Masternaut Three X is encouraging companies to abandon their traditional IT systems and adopt new generation IT solutions that simply run over the Internet. Having revolutionised the vehicle tracking market with a totally web-based offering, Masternaut Three X has now announced a range of Internet managed services that will enable businesses to slash their IT expenditure, protect their precious data in the event of disaster and deliver flexibility for growth.

Customers choosing these “cloud-based” services can forget about upgrades, data security and every day IT management as the applications they use are run from secure, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly data centres that are managed by experts 24/7, 365 days a year.

These efficient cost-effective managed services are accessed over secure Internet connections and integrate seamlessly with all other Masternaut Three X solutions, including satellite vehicle tracking, enabling SMEs to gain the benefit of big company IT without the huge investment in hardware and software necessary for implant business systems. This allows businesses to harness the power of true end-to-end solutions tailored specifically to their need.

Built on the organisation’s vast experience of providing robust and reliable hosted solutions to NASA, AGA Rayburn, Fired Earth and BAe Systems, Masternaut Three X’s managed service offerings encompass all key business applications. These include Microsoft Dynamics GP, a powerful and flexible enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft CRM for managing customers and suppliers, Microsoft Exchange for efficient email messaging and Microsoft Sharepoint for document management and sharing information over the web.

All services have built-in contingency for disaster recovery ensuring that even in the event of a customer’s offices being raised to the ground, their staff will still be able to access their data and run the business from temporary accommodation or from home. For companies requiring more than 100 users the company can also provide dedicated enterprise hosted solutions.

“Every business needs to control costs and not just during the current economic climate. With our web-based secure managed and hosted services, we are able to offer a real alternative to big budget IT expenditure that makes economic sense. Instead of buying hardware, software and security and back-up systems, our customers utilise our state-of-the-art technology and draw on our exceptional IT expertise. We also reduce their energy bills, thereby reducing their environmental impact because they no longer need to run power-hungry IT equipment,” said Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut Three X.

“This easy-to-use approach to business systems takes away the headaches normally associated with running in-house IT systems, allowing customers to focus on their business. In addition, we can provide the flexibility they need to add more users without the associated costs of additional equipment and software licenses.”


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