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Masternaut tracking part of multi-million Pound MOD contract

14 October, 2006

A sophisticated online vehicle tracking service from Masternaut is being used as part of a GBP 700 million contract with the Ministry of Defence. The MoD contract was awarded to MODern Housing Solutions (MHS) a joint venture between Carillion, Atkins and Enterprise Plc, and covers the maintenance and small works to the MOD’s 40,000 plus family accommodation units. Masternaut is being used to track a fleet of over 200 maintenance and service vehicles leased from Carillion Fleet Management, recording every turn and displaying vehicle movements in real time using online street mapping.

Building service and maintenance company Ian Williams has been appointed to provide response maintenance and other works to approximately 12,000 MOD properties in the South East, West and South West as part of the MHS contract. They are also a ‘Specialist Sub Contractor’ for the provision of painting services for approximately 14,500 MOD properties. Operating from 9 response units and 4 painting units throughout the three zones they have a 250-strong workforce dedicated to the contract.

"Using Masternaut vehicle tracking we know exactly where all our vehicles are at any point in time," said Steve Morgan, Account Manager for Ian Williams. "This has had a significant impact on our service delivery, noticeably reducing ‘down time’ and therefore improving overall efficiency. There are also benefits for the health and safety of our mobile workforce, as we know the exact location of every team member we can react quickly should the need arise."

Masternaut uses GPS to establish the location of each vehicle, this information is automatically transmitted via GPRS with the position of vehicles displayed against Microsoft MapPoint® online street mapping. This real time positional information can be accessed via any web enabled PC and minute-by-minute activity reports are delivered to managers by e-mail. An additional feature is ‘non authorised’ vehicle use alerts that are sent to managers by email or SMS if a vehicle enters an unauthorised area or area such as the congestion zone.


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