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Masternaut Three X Speed Tracker puts the brake on speeders

Speed Tracker
24 March, 2009

Leeds, UK, 24 March 2009 – Masternaut Three X has launched a unique real-time Speed Tracker tool that alerts fleet managers and drivers of the actual speed of the vehicle relative to local speed restrictions. This is a major step forward for satellite vehicle tracking as this is the first time that speed restriction monitoring has been made available for all types of roads. This new development will bolster Duty of Care initiatives being implemented by fleet operators large and small.
With this new development fleet managers can gain a fully comprehensive live graphical view of the speed of travel for their drivers on their entire journeys. The system uses the latest available information about the exact speed limit for each section road travelled, giving greater accuracy than ever before possible.  
Using this enhancement to the Masternaut GreenerFleet service, fleet managers are not only able to live monitor their entire fleet on any web-enabled device they can also help their drivers abide by the law.
If the limit is broken an instant alert can be sent to the fleet manager and the event is also documented by the system. The driver can be de-briefed at the next opportunity. This not only improves safety, it also lessens the chance of drivers breaking the law and landing hefty fines for the company and incurring higher insurance costs. In addition, with live tracking, the system prevents drivers from getting lost and, therefore, they cannot use the excuse of needing to make up time to justify their speeding.
The spin off for putting the brake on speeders for businesses is the fuel savings that can be made through slower, safer driving. Also, vehicles driven with more care require less maintenance. Using the system to assist route planning also reduces miles travelled and ensures that drivers use the safest most economical routes. Masternaut Three X has 55,000 vehicles which are monitored using its tracking system. The company has calculated that if each of these vehicles reduced their speed by 10 per cent the total savings would be around £5 Million per annum.
This added functionality offers the potential to be able to offer fully-automatic speed limiting of vehicles whenever they enter speed-restricted areas.  Masternaut Three X is using Speed Tracker to monitor contestants in its quarterly UK-wide ‘Drive for Life’ Safe Driver competition, which awards a cash prize of £1250 to the safest driver and matches this with an equivalent donation to the road safety charity Brake.
"We have to take road safety seriously and technology can assist drivers to abide by speed limits on all roads. It is too easy to find an excuse for speeding and it is too late to regret your actions after a tragedy," said Martin Port, MD, Masternaut Three X.


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