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Ringway Jacobs gets the traffic moving with Masternaut RFID system

1 July, 2009

Leeds, UK, 01 July 2009 – Leading highway services provider Ringway Jacobs is rolling out a ground breaking wireless vehicle and asset management solution from Masternaut Three X. Combining real-time, live online tracking of vehicles and RFID tagging of portable equipment with PDA-based service management software, Ringway Jacobs is able to respond to emergencies within minutes, ensuring that appropriately skilled teams and the right equipment get to the scene as rapidly as possible. This reduces frustration for other road users as the crews are able to clear the highway and get the traffic moving in much shorter time scales.
The system utilises both vehicle tracking technology and active RFID tags attached to portable equipment. The tags are read by special loading area readers fitted to the maintenance vehicles that link to the onboard Masternaut telematics unit. As equipment is loaded on and off the vehicle the tag is read and this automatically generates a visual inventory, which is visible on the Masternaut screen back in the control room.
When the Ringway Jacobs control room is notified of an emergency, the controllers are able to immediately locate the nearest team and relevant equipment and send the job directly to the crew leader’s PDA via their X Service Pro system. The activity can be monitored in real time from deployment to completion via the Masternaut web interface. Once the crew has completed the job, the system and customer are updated instantly.
“Adding RFID to our Masternaut system is a major development for us. With it we know precisely where our crews and vehicles are as well as ensure we can deploy relevant equipment to the scene quickly. Our response levels have improved significantly, which not only provides better service levels to our customers it also means that other road users don’t spend more time than is necessary waiting for an obstruction to be cleared,” says Marc Evans, ICT Systems Manager, Ringway Jacobs.
Evans also highlights that the new system tightens up asset management and saves money on lost and redundant equipment.
“The system gives a true picture of when and where each piece of equipment was last used. This provides added security and also allows us to reassign equipment to the teams who need it,” he says.

“We designed the concept 12 months ago as a standalone RFID solution. Realising the benefits of linking equipment management to vehicle location we asked Masternaut Three X to develop an integrated solution. Within three months we had a pilot on the ground and now have a system which can be rolled out as standard on all our maintenance vehicles.”


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