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Crawley cuts fleet mileage by 11 per cent with Masternaut tracking

Crawley Borough Council
16 October, 2009

Leeds, UK, 16 October 2009 - Crawley Borough Council is reporting substantial savings across its Amenity Services Fleet thanks live tracking and logging of vehicle movements over the Internet.  Since installing the Masternaut Three X system just 18 months ago, the Council has saved an average of 11 per cent on annual mileage per vehicle. These efficiency savings help to maintain the Council's key performance indicators (KPI) and boost customer service levels.
"The Masternaut system gives us a live view of our fleet activities. It has improved our productivity through better use of our resources and this has saved money on fuel usage - our annual mileage per vehicle has dropped to an average of 5200 miles from about 6000 miles, consequently this saves the Council around 11 per cent per vehicle," says Mark Hurst, Streetscene Officer, Crawley Borough Council.
Masternaut tracking units are attached to a wide range of the Council's vehicles, including crew cabs, caged vans, pick ups, tractors, ride on mowers and street sweepers. The system shows vehicle locations and movements throughout the borough and 'watches' activity until each one is returned back to base at the end of the working day.
The Council uses the system to ensure it achieves the National Indicator for efficiency. The result of meeting this important KPI is not only saving the Council money, it is ensuring that its Amenity Services' department is providing value to customers.
"We know precisely where each vehicle is at any time and the system also provides a useful history for each vehicle's activity, which helps to answer customer queries. The system enables us to maximise use of our equipment and our maintenance teams. The system shows precisely when the team arrived on site, time spent and when they left. We can see this all happening in real time on a large monitor in the depot office or via any PC. It helps to keep the operators focused on the job, therefore making best use of available time," concludes Mark Hurst.


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