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Masternaut innovation displays real and virtual worlds with Augmented Reality

2 February, 2010

Leeds, UK, 02 February 2010 - Masternaut Three X has launched an advanced camera phone application that enables digital images to be displayed together with associated business data. The Augmented Reality solution is the first of its kind within the vehicle tracking and mobile resource management sector to use Layar Browser 3.0 technology, bringing point and shoot simplicity to accessing important data.

The mobile phone innovation has wide application from tracking and identifying vehicles on busy streets or car parks to logistics, field services and engineering. By simply aiming the mobile phone camera at an object and using the screen as a real world window, the system displays an icon button to gain instant access to relevant data via secure Masternaut web services.

"The Augmented Reality application can be tailored to any customer requirement and will provide significant efficiency benefits. It has great appeal because it is a visual tool that is extremely easy to use. It will streamline administration, expedite job-relevant communications and reduce service delivery times," says Johann Levy, Research and Development Manager, Masternaut Three X.

The Layar browser-based system runs on the iPhone 3GS, T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic and other Android operating system equipped cell phones. The system utilises the camera, compass and GPS features and functions of the phone to provide a real world view of the vehicle, asset or job with its precise geolocation. The Masternaut data is presented via secure GPRS communications to the user as an overlay or legend.

"Using this system we give mobile personnel a real world view of the job they are about to perform and with it we can give them precisely what they need to get it done. It can be used to identify and track Masternaut equipped vehicles giving an instant heads up display of vehicle and driver data," says Levy.

"For highway maintenance, the system will quickly get maintenance teams to defects such as potholes. Just by pointing camera phone at the road the engineer will get an instant visual view of the problem with the job requirements. In addition by combining Masternaut Asset Track, our RFID asset management system, service engineers can get an instant X-ray view of items held on board any of their vehicles. This helps with locating tools and other critical service items, enabling them to get to the job quicker and with all the necessary equipment," he adds.


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