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United Biscuits takes the satellite route to better fleet utilisation

United Biscuits
20 May, 2006

United Biscuits (‘UB’), a leading European manufacturer of biscuits and snacks, has equipped its entire trailer fleet with a new satellite location service from Masternaut that provides live tracking via the Internet. UB anticipates savings of £100,000 a year through the improved utilisation of its fleet and resources. Masternaut's self-contained trailer units provide GPS tracking and GPRS communication to give UB a live picture of the distribution operation in progress.

UB has fitted 175 trailers with the tracker and a further 22 tractor units and 3 vans have been equipped with the standard Masternaut telematics. In addition, UB’s drivers have their own electronic ID keys, giving controllers automatic verification of the driver. UB also relies heavily on contractor vehicles and drivers and the trailer units are powered and activated on coupling so that all loads are tracked.

The makers of well known brands such as McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, Hula Hoops and Jacob’s Crackers, UB deliver 70,000 loads a year to around 3500 locations nationwide. Masternaut's web service logs information on each vehicle or trailer activity minute-by-minute, highlighting events such as waiting times, inactivity, delays and route deviations. This allows UB to assess conformance with the planned route so changes can be made to optimise routes and improve resource utilisation.

"Masternaut gives us complete visibility of the entire in-progress transport operation. We know where everyone is all of the time and this makes it much easier to plan dynamically; adjusting schedules and routes as required. Since we rely on contractors, the trailer tracker is perfect for us as it is the whereabouts and progress of the load that is important and this system works whoever is pulling the trailer" says Rob Wright, National Distribution Controller for UB.

"We have worked out that the ongoing cost of Masternaut will be easily outweighed by the anticipated cost reductions and the net saving is expected to be £100,000 a year. We have yet to factor-in additional benefits such as better customer service and improved contractor productivity, but with the added visibility and control that the service provides, we can foresee a number of other benefits that will lead to financial gains",says Rob Wright.

Notes to Editors

UB is the leading manufacturer and marketer of biscuits in the U.K., Iberia and the Netherlands and the second largest in France and Belgium.

In the U.K., UB is the leading manufacturer and marketer of packaged nuts and the second largest manufacturer and marketer of savoury snacks and crisps.

UB manufactures and markets a wide range of products in the U.K. and continental Western Europe under well-recognised brand names. Branded products accounted for approximately 88% of sales in 2005.

Among UB’s popular brand names are McVitie’s, Penguin, go ahead!, McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, Jacob’s, Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Twiglets, Hula Hoops, Skips, Mini Cheddars, McCoy’s, Phileas Fogg and KP Nuts in the U.K. and Marbu Dorada, Chiquilin, Fontaneda, Filipinos, BN, Delacre, Verkade and Sultana in Europe.

McVitie’s is among the best known brands in the U.K.. McVitie’s biscuits were purchased by over 85% of UK households in 2005.

UB owns and operates 22 manufacturing facilities of which 11 are in the U.K. UB employs over 11,000 people of whom over 9,000 work in the U.K.


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