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North Lincolnshire and Masternaut develop performance boosting refuse collection system

North Lincolnshire Council
11 June, 2010

Leeds, UK, 11 June 2010 - North Lincolnshire Council and vehicle tracking company Masternaut Three X have developed an advanced web-based telematics solution to help maximise refuse collection and gulley cleansing performance. The system helps manage the Council's fleet of 66 refuse and highways vehicles and the investment is largely self-funded through operational cost savings. Since going live, the Council and its stakeholders are benefiting from significant service improvements through more efficient use of resources and instant access to real-time information.

Piloted in December 2008, the joint development team of Council and Masternaut specialists optimised the standard vehicle tracking system to meet the exacting needs of waste management and highways maintenance in North Lincolnshire. The system is in use across the fleet and provides an up-to-the-minute view of activity. A wealth of live data is instantly accessible by managers and contact centre staff. Managers can also access the system using their Blackberry mobile phones when working remotely.

Graham Sykes, Operations Manager, says: "Masternaut is an excellent management tool. It helps us to manage our operations more efficiently and effectively. It helps us to maximise the use of our vehicles and people and it saves time by reducing administration. Our crews simply update the system using the in-vehicle terminals and our contact centre has real-time access to data, which helps when responding to customers. They no longer need to wait for or retrieve paper records as the information is available on screen at the touch of a button. This is important in helping us to achieve National Indicator 14. This Indicator aims to reduce avoidable contact - part of this is being able to give a first time response to customer queries and avoids any secondary contact."

Cost savings are difficult to quantify as the Council's services are constantly expanding, but Graham Sykes highlights that with the system providing full visibility of activities and resources, his department can extend its services.

"The system shows exactly what each vehicle is doing, what it has done and whether there is capacity for doing more. We can see our vehicles are providing optimal service and if we need to bring in more resources we know what these extra vehicles and staff will be able to do. There is no guesswork as the system allows us precision management and an accurate way to monitor and measure performance," he says.

Shortlisted for the last three consecutive years as "Best Performing Service" by the Association for Public Service Excellence, North Lincolnshire now uses the Masternaut system to help maintain its leading position in waste management.

Graham Sykes says: "The Council has successfully extended recycling to over 51 per cent of collected waste. We collect a wide range of separated material - organics, plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal. Masternaut is key to this as we use it to audit the efficiency of the collection rounds."

The development team continues to extend the system as the Council's services and needs change. Currently, the team is exploring the possibility to use Masternaut's GreenerFleet environmental management tool for recording the fleet's carbon footprint. This is an exciting development as the Council's needs are significantly different from other fleet operations.

"Our services mainly involve low speed, stop-start driving with higher speeds between certain points. Our challenge is to develop GreenerFleet to monitor this mixed driving and provide accurate measurements. Once we have completed the work, North Lincolnshire will be among the first to be able to provide accurate CO2 measurements for its waste and highways services," says Graham Sykes.


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