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Masternaut and Ringway pioneer satellite asset mapping

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1 January, 2000

Masternaut has developed a satellite asset mapping system for gulley maintenance services operated by Ringway, the leading highway maintenance contractor. The ground-breaking system uses GPS satellites and an external vehicle-mounted keypad to map roadside gulley locations and collect key asset data. With live data transmission to the Internet, Ringway and their local authority clients can track the gulley vehicle fleet and access the asset information collected during each route.

The development by Masternaut rapidly provides gulley asset information for the maintenance register to be collected dynamically during scheduled maintenance. At each gulley, the system automatically pinpoints the location to within one metre and logs the time and date. The keypad, conveniently located on the vehicle's swing arm, has a series of buttons that operators press to record additional condition information associated with the gulley, such as cleaned and running, broken grid, or jammed grid etc.

The web-based system, which replaces paper records, gives Ringway up to date records and locations that can be mapped. This comprehensive information will allow Ringway to improve route and maintenance planning for improved service performance. Crucially, the information will also provide a detailed and current asset register for the client; something that is otherwise difficult to keep accurately up to date.

"The development by Masternaut is giving us the detailed information to improve programming and efficiency. For the first time we have accurate locations plus up to date information on the condition of gulleys, catch pits and manholes. This means we can prioritise maintenance work, improve route planning and improve productivity". Says Ian Kilburn, Contract Manager of Ringway Highway Services Limited.

"Masternaut also provides a big boost in the service we provide to our clients. Being web-based, all parties can access live tracking and receive reports via e-mail. A big added bonus is an up-to-date and accurate asset register for the client that we are able to provide through Masternaut as our vehicle tracking supplier on all vehicles without having to go to a specialist and all the additional training and costs that would involve. This Client Service alone goes along way to justify using Masternaut" continues Ian Kilburn.

Ringway delivers services in roads maintenance, construction, surfacing and street lighting as well as the manufacture of signs roadmarking materials and asphalt. Last year Ringway appointed Masternaut as their vehicle telematics supplier. Around 2000 vehicles are involved in the firm's UK operations and Masternaut's advanced vehicle tracking and mobile resource management service is being implemented group-wide.


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