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Masternaut helps Mansfield's GRIME busters

13 May, 2006

Mansfield District Council has begun using an advanced satellite tracking and resource management service from Masternaut to improve the efficiency and productivity of their Street Care Services. The Masternaut service enables Mansfield to accurately monitor the location and activities of their vehicle fleet in real time via the web.

Masternaut uses GPS to establish the exact location of the vehicle and GPRS to continuously transmit the position of each vehicle. Mansfield is one of the first councils to implement an advanced vehicle management system that enables accurate reporting of individual vehicle activity. On street cleaning vehicles, Masternaut links with the onboard power take off unit to record when the vehicle’s sweeper unit is in use, automatically logging which streets have been swept.

Vehicle positions are displayed online using Microsoft MapPoint® street mapping and managers can access this information in real time from any web enabled PC. Time and activity logos for each vehicle are received by email as part of the Masternaut service.

Mansfield Council Street Care Services is a dedicated team that deals with the problems of litter, detritus, fly tipping, graffiti removal, street washing, abandoned vehicles etc. The team performs the Councils statutory duties, provides emergency call out services and in support of frontline activities employs education and enforcement officers to promote innovative projects such as G.R.I.M.E. (Greater Respect in Mansfield’s Environment).

“Masternaut delivers the information I need. I know where my vehicles are at any given point in time which means we can respond quickly to call out requests and also has implications for the health and safety of lone workers.” Said David Hewes, Parks and Street Care Operations Manager. He continued, “I also know what the vehicles are doing. The vehicle activity record enables me to improve the efficiency and increase our productivity by monitoring vehicle performance and improved route scheduling.”

The Masternaut System also provides a range of other features which may benefit the Council in the future including route scheduling, real time navigation information and driver management services. The system can also create customised reports for payroll, human resources and key performance monitoring.


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