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Vehicle tracking company Masternaut helps Manustra Keep Charles De Gaulle under control

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8 November, 2010

5 November 2010

Manustra, one of the leading airport handling equipment supply and management providers in France, reports a 25-30% reduction in fleet requirement for its customers through the use of Masternaut's ASSIST airport solution system.

The system enables Manustra to monitor and control the logistics and maintenance status of its GSEs (Ground Service Equipment) including: tractors; stairs; de-icers; cherry pickers; conveyer belts; GPUs and buses.

Of 1,500 equipment items, 200 have so far been fitted with the Masternaut system and within 1 year Manustra has seen significant optimisation and efficiency gains for its customers, the biggest of which are Air France and H REINIER Handling Company.

Christophe Guir is President and CEO of Manustra.
"Using a tailored tracking and management package, the Masternaut system gives us the ability to make more efficient use of a smaller number of assets.  By keeping every piece of equipment under control we can more accurately determine when, where and for how long each unit is deployed. Effectively this means we can 'pool' the equipment and customers can draw from a smaller but more efficiently managed resource."

The scale of operation at CDG airport is as vast as it is complex: In terms of aircraft and cargo handling movements 525 thousand were recorded in 2009 making it Europe's busiest and in terms of passenger throughput, second busiest with nearly 58 million in the same year.

Manustra is changing from basic equipment rental and maintenance provider to complete resource and fleet management control.  Thereby Monsieur Guir aims to provide a comprehensive service which matches equipment functions to customer needs while at the same time improving efficiency. To this end Masternaut Assist is making a significant contribution.

"For example" he continues "Air Start is a very high value asset and therefore should be deployed as frequently as possible to maximise return on investment.  Now, using Masternaut Assist we can focus more accurately on time frames and equipment locations which enables ground handlers to deploy these units with better control and to a greater number of aircraft."

Integral to the Masternaut 'formula' in this context is Masternaut's sister company Hub Telecom which is also headquartered in CDG and a long established leader in business telecommunications and goods traceability. 

Hub Telecom has provided Manustra with biometric access cards to all airport areas and the use of airport mapping which gives Manustra the crucial 'real time' data required to trace all aircraft movements.

Monsieur Guir explains:
"Some of our 40 or so customers require 'allocation resource' meaning they want to pin point the location of their equipment at all times.  The Masternaut system tracks each GSE and optimises the equipment to be deployed.  Once we know where the plane will land, we can automatically allocate the equipment to go to the correct gate.

"These decisions are usually taken 10 minutes prior to landing and, owing to the complexity of the logistics involved, delays can often occur.  For example, passengers are often delayed while waiting for stairs to be delivered.  Masternaut Assist will effectively make this a thing of the past"

Masternaut Assist employs a geo-fencing facility which defines specific areas in which the equipment should operate.  When these perimeters are crossed, an automatic alert sends a report to the management system.  This enables the customer to analyse all GSE movements and to rectify inefficiencies on an on-going basis.
A further efficiency improvement is provided by the system's ability to monitor and record all idling time.  This tells the customer when the equipment is actually being deployed and means that he will optimize his productivity and efficiency.

SERVAIR, also based in CDG, is owned by Air France and prepares and delivers an average of 32,000 meal trays each day - or over 11,000,000 per annum.

With 70% share of all catering provision at CDG, Servair uses 275 company owned trucks all of which are tracked and monitored to inform Servair and Air France of the exact moment when each delivery takes place.  Upon conclusion, Air France handlers will be advised and passengers allowed to embark.

Precise monitoring of each aircraft's catering consignment (and there could be up to four different menus for one aircraft) from despatch to completion of delivery, enables Servair to maximise its own efficiency and to provide instant information to Air France personnel thereby keeping passenger delays to a minimum.

Here too, Monsieur Guir comments on the operational benefits of the Masternaut system:
"An additional part of the system is Mastercold.  MASTERCOLD was developed to monitor real time temperature control. In order to monitor the fill levels and charge intervals of each vehicle's battery and to ensure that each is given only the minimum amount of re-charge, a specific monitoring system has been developed. This greatly increases the life span of the battery and reduces electrical consumption.  Air France uses over two thousand batteries and so the potential savings are significant."

Masternaut Assist, while optimising operational and commercial efficiencies, also plays a key role in safety improvement.  Monsieur Guir:

"Above all, safety is our number one priority.  Masternaut has enabled Air France and H.REINIER to reduce its 'small incident' rate - whereby relatively minor accidents occur through collisions - by twenty percent. Fewer incidents mean improved safety, less equipment down time and reduced costs.  Also, the Masternaut Engine Management Unit has been of great use here in helping to monitor and correct individual driver behaviour."

Manustra currently handles assets valued at over 46 million Euros and employs over 100 people. Monsieur Guir concludes:

"Our objective is to combine the best quality equipment and support service with the highest standards of management control.  Only this way can we ensure continuous improvement for our customers.  I'm certain that Masternaut and Hub Telecom will continue to play a key role in achieving this."


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