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Esh Group drives major efficiency improvements with Masternaut

02 Three X
1 February, 2011

Leeds, UK, 01 February 2011

Esh Group the largest construction firm in North East England has made significant efficiency gains since installing Masternaut satellite vehicle tracking. The company has installed the system across its mixed fleet of vehicles that includes 20 tonne trucks to light vans.

Esh Group companies include Lumsden & Carroll Construction, Deerness Fencing, Dunelm Homes and Dunelm Property Services. "Since we began fully using the Masternaut system we have reviewed how we work which has led to re-structuring, new working procedures and resources and productivity improvements. We have identified a significant saving over the Esh Group, which Masternaut has influenced," says Steven Doran, Group Systems Administrator.

Masternaut is proving to be an important management tool for driving improvements and has brought visibility to the way Esh Group manages its fleet and drivers. It provides the eye in the sky to monitor fleet activity in real time; recording when vehicles leave base, arrive on site and depart. It also helps to locate nearby resources should additional equipment and materials be needed on site, reducing the need to return to base. This also reduces fuel usage, as vehicles are not making unnecessary journeys.

"Daily vehicle activity reports are sent directly to me from the system by email. I collate the information and we enter this into a weekly management report that shows time spent on site and off site. We can compare booking with real-time tracking and eliminate overbooking on jobs. It helps us to minimise time spent off site as we can use the information to ensure our staff have everything they need on site. This saves fuel and lowers our CO2," says Steven Doran.

Esh Group is also using GreenerFleet, Masternaut's groundbreaking environmental management tool, for monitoring and managing engine idling, actual fuel usage compared with manufacturer's claims and individual driving behaviour. Steven Doran has also set up driver league tables to help identify the most efficient drivers and encourage environmentally aware driving throughout the team. This will help the organisation in pursuing EN 16001 Energy Management accreditation.

"We aim to lead the way in implementing greener, energy efficient technology within the construction industry. By using GreenerFleet and replacing older fleet assets with new environmentally friendlier vehicles we are reducing our carbon footprint and this will help us with EN 16001 for energy efficiency," concludes Steven Doran.  


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