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Masternaut joint approach sees REFLEX action

1 April, 2005

Major vehicle rental firm REFLEX and satellite tracking company Masternaut have formed a business alliance to bring a new breed of flexible fleet management solutions to the UK market. Masternaut will be offering its UK customers flexible rental options through REFLEX and in return, REFLEX will offer the full range of Masternaut telematics solutions.

REFLEX, which was formed in 2000 by the ex-Northgate Group Sales Director John Collins, has pioneered the concept of flexible rentals for the light commercial vehicle and car markets. With REFLEX, vehicles are provided as and when they are needed without any tie-in contracts. Companies can use a vehicle for just a day and then keep it as long as required. It can be changed for another type of vehicle at anytime, offering complete flexibility and ensuring fleet optimisation at all times.

Masternaut has similarly brought flexible solutions to the fleet market with their innovative telematics service that allows vehicles to be tracked from any PC via the web. Requiring no special software, the service is provided as a fixed all-in-one monthly charge, making it appealing to van and car fleet operators of all sizes.

Because of the flexibility of the respective offering by REFLEX and Masternaut, there is close synergy in the target market. These include organisations looking to optimise the use of their fleets, reduce operating costs and manage assets and resources in a more flexible way.

Some of Masternaut’s unique technical innovations are also set to appeal to REFLEX rental customers. These include a newly launched portable tracking device that can be carried freely from one vehicle to another and Masternaut’s job despatch and navigation service delivered via handy PDA devices.

“With Masternaut, we can offer REFLEX rental customers what we believe is the best telematics solution available today. It is a flexible, simple to access and affordable solution that has revolutionised telematics. It makes the benefits of the technology easily available to everyone and mirrors our philosophy in making flexible rentals available to everyone” says REFLEX Managing Director John Collins.

“Many of our customers are ambitious movers in their respective markets and have adopted Masternaut to gain real business advantages. With REFLEX, they can gain another crucial business advantage. Flexible rentals not only reduce fixed overhead costs, but enable total adaptability. It ensures vehicles are available in line with the demand and information from Masternaut can be used to continually review utilistation and the fleet mix” says Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut.


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