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Workers offered a smoke-free bonus

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16 March, 2011

Smokers are being offered a cash bonus to quit the habit by a firm who will also give money to a cancer charity if the employee gives up puffing away.
Six workers at the vehicle tracking company near Leeds have signed up for the scheme with the aim of remaining smoke-free until the end of August.
Smokers who light up ten or more cigarettes daily can join the scheme.
A spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK said more employers could help their staff give up smoking.
The handful of smokers at the 150-strong vehicle tracking company, Masternaut, based in Aberford, Leeds, have signed up to the scheme which began on 9th March to coincide with national No Smoking Day, which is endorsed by entrepreneur and BBC2 Dragon Duncan Bannatyne.
The company will pay £1,000 to each worker who remains smoke-free until the end of August. These 'rewards' will be shared with Cancer Research UK to support their lifesaving research.
This is the second time that the Leeds based firm has run the scheme. In 2008 10 people successfully took part and have stayed smoke-free since. In total over £10,000 was donated to Cancer Research UK. The company aim to replicate that success.
To qualify employees must sign a pledge to say they will be honest about their achievements.
Vicky Walker, a customer service advisor who currently smokes over 10 cigarettes a day, is taking part in the scheme.
She said: "I've tried to quit before but have been unsuccessful. Now the cash reward along with the contribution to charity has given me the motivation and a compelling reason to quit."
Elspeth Lee, Cancer Research UK's head of tobacco control, added: "Employers can play a key role in supporting staff to quit smoking. Masternaut should be applauded for its commitment to staff health and well-being."
Martin Port, Masternaut's Managing Director and the brainchild of the scheme added "it's fantastic to support our employees to do something that will improve their health - for them and their families. More companies should take our lead in doing something like this."


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