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Ocean Trailers wins new business with the help of Masternaut's Mastercold tracking system

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22 March, 2011

Leeds, UK, 23 March 2011

Masternaut's real-time temperature monitoring system Mastercold can give distribution firms a competitive edge when it comes to winning new business, according to Buckinghamshire-based Ocean Trailers.

Mike McLuskey, Operations Director of Ocean Trailers, says the Mastercold system, which is integrated with Masternaut tracking, helped the company clinch a contract with salad crop greenhouse complex Thanet Earth last year.

"It is useful when pitching for new business," says McLuskey. "Thanet Earth liked the fact that they can check the temperatures themselves."

Mastercold provides a continuous log of temperatures in real-time via the Masternaut tracking system, alerting users the moment a chamber is out of the required temperature range. The system eliminates the need for conventional temperature recorders and dataloggers. Mastercold links with the Masternaut web interface and displays the temperature load information as reports and informative graphics.

Ocean Trailers, which runs a mixed fleet handling ambient, chilled and frozen transport, has Mastercold fitted on its 19 single-temperature refrigerated trailers. The company can transport products throughout the entire temperature range, from minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 30 degrees Celsius.

Customers on its chilled distribution operation include yoghurt company Yoplait, Danone and Sainsbury's. Mastercold integrates temperature information with tracking data providing an audit trail with proof of load temperature.

McLuskey says customers like the fact that they are able to check that the products have been carried at the correct temperature by downloading the data.

"We can give a password to customers and they can check that the temperature is right."

McLuskey is also impressed with the feature of Mastercold that monitors the closing and opening of the back doors.

"Around 70 per cent of our business involves Continental work, including France. As well as checking the temperatures for customers, it is of great help with security as we can check when the back doors are open and when there are potential problems with illegal immigrants."

Mastercold can be installed directly in the vehicle or on trailers. Temperature probes are installed in the required chambers and connected to the Masternaut tracking unit housed in a waterproof IP rated box (fitted externally).

Other benefits of the Mastercold system include real-time visibility of chamber temperatures and the ability to provide customers with proof of load temperature. An audit trail is invaluable for reporting and dealing with discrepancies.

McLuskey says: "I would definitely recommend Mastercold. In fact, I have already put two or three folk onto it so far!"

Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire-based Ocean Trailers is a family owned business that started operating in 1990.


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