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Masternaut Mobile Resource Management Tool Tracks Continua Growth

Masternaut Vehicle Tracking Technology in Continua's Fleet of Xerox engineers
5 July, 2012

Continua, the specialist 'print-to-post' multi-vendor service provider, have today revealed how an engineer call out tracking solution has fundamentally changed their business approach. Since partnering with Masternaut, Continua has seen an average 9% improvement in its unique service delivery metric MIFE (Machines In Field Efficiency Rating) which it uses to measure the quality of service it delivers to its customers to become a modernised customer-centric organisation.

Masternaut, recognised by Berg Insight as Europe's largest telematics provider, introduced their web-based mobile resource management solution to aid Continua service customers in high-volume production environments such as bank statement printing, direct mail, and graphic arts.  12 months later and Continua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox, is using the same app-based business intelligence system at all levels of the organisation to boost employee productivity and enable greater back-office support for field service professionals.

What began life as a solution system that provided their call centre with at-a-glance information about field engineers and their movements became a valuable tool for communicating with, and delivering higher levels of service to customers through mobile competitive benchmarking. This insight has empowered Continua to give customers more accurate information on response scenarios that has led to minimised equipment down time for all their clients. 

The Masternaut system manages the deployment of engineers to fault calls across Continua's range of over 80 products, as well as prioritising incomplete calls that are active for longer than one day. The Masternaut system provides clear, visual reporting of engineers' real-time status, enabling them to be deployed based on proximity to an open job, as well as their suitability to work with a particular brand of equipment. This is monitored in real time by field management using mobile devices such as Tablets, Laptops and phones and has given them a real time portal to use to run their business extremely effectively.

Chris Jeffries, Continua UK Operations Director, commented: "The Masternaut system works incredibly well for us and has fundamentally changed how we run our business. We have grown the use of the system from basic live vehicle tracking to a service that touches multiple-points of our business - through both real-time services and historical reporting. The use of mobile apps and visualisation technology has also made it so much easier to manage the business on the go and keep in touch in real time".


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