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NG Bailey needed a way to coordinate its IT and Facilities Services divisions.our solution built a bridge between the two

NG Bailey
NG Bailey
13 August, 2012


NG Bailey is the UK's leading independent Engineering, IT and Facilities Services provider.  It offers its specialist skills across all phases of the building lifecycle, encompassing project planning and design through the supply chain, offsite manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Founded in 1921, it has grown from a small family-run business to one that now employs 3,000 people.

IT and facilities services form  core parts of NG Bailey's offering, providing solutions covering network communication infrastructures, servers, mobile networking and security, as well as mechanical and technical ground maintenance and on-going operation.

NG Bailey is also a member of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), the independent, professional membership body for customer service, and as such works very closely with its customers to ensure that the service it delivers is consistent, efficient and cost effective.

Being so closely involved in every stage of the building lifecycle, NG Bailey employees are a predominantly mobile workforce, travelling between clients' sites. With clients across the commercial, public, infrastructure and power and industrial sectors, these sites range from inner-city shopping centres to remote power stations and factories.

NG Bailey not only needed to coordinate its employees between these locations, but also manage its various services and respective specialist staff, in delivering a highly integrated, tailored customer solution.


Masternaut demonstrated its ability - via its ScreenWatcher solution - to deliver detailed, real-time information regarding driver and vehicle whereabouts, offering at once a single view of the whole fleet and, simultaneously, the ability to monitor the location of any employee at any given time.

The solution was implemented into NG Bailey's Facilities Services division and, shortly afterwards, the system was expanded into the IT Services division. As part of the implementation process, Masternaut also delivered extensive on-site system training to decision-makers within the fleet, ensuring that staff utilised the systems to their full capacity.


The Masternaut implementation has resulted in NG Bailey experiencing significant savings in both time and costs, including a reduction in both average time spent on the road and in fuel costs. Through visibility of employees' whereabouts, managers of both the IT and Facilities Services divisions have been able to manage tasks and customer requests more efficiently, deploying nearby drivers by transmitting a message directly to the cab. Once the solution was expanded beyond Facilities and into IT Services, business managers witnessed increased efficiency in workforce planning, with improved visibility of employees across the respective sectors, and thus better coordination of its integrated customer offering.


Ian Noden, business change project manager, said: "We've been delighted with what we've seen so far from the Masternaut solution. With customer service at the very forefront of NG Bailey's values, we were keen to find a telematics provider who could further enhance our response times while increasing business efficiency and cost-savings. Masternaut has proven its ability to deliver this, demonstrating an excellent return on investment. This, coupled with its comprehensive training programme, is why we are gradually rolling-out the solution across our business."


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