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Unprepared businesses to count the cost of winter compensation claims

Gritt It Choose Masternaut Vehicle Tracking
22 January, 2013

GRITIT, the winter risk management specialists, has partnered with Masternaut to help businesses across the UK prepare for the incoming adverse weather conditions. GRITIT (www.gritit.com) undertakes 100,000 service visits on average across the UK during the wintertime. Partnering with innovative companies to keep job efficiency on a clear path, it selected Masternaut to provide the 'window on the mobile workforce' it was looking for to guarantee legal compliance for its customers in the private and public sectors.

The number of people across the UK making claims for personal injuries over the winter months has increased by 23 percent over the past four years . Reports suggest year that this upward trend is expected to continue which business should mitigate against.

GRITIT's snow clearance and gritting services are fully automated through a number of integrated specialist management tools, creating a powerful operating system. 200 gritting vehicles have been fitted with Masternaut telematics technology, with the sophisticated tracking software enabling GRITIT to manage its PDA-based mobile workforce in real-time.

Martin Hiscox, Chairman and CEO, Masternaut, commented:  "GRITIT's strategic approach has seen them integrate our technology end-to-end and has transformed their ability to provide their customers with innovative, reliable and accountable service whilst at the same time providing a wealth of operational tools to improve productivity and manage risk."

As Masternaut is able to confirm a vehicle's location for its clients, drivers won't face the need to frequently return to the depot, providing the platform to service additional customers via live real-time job scheduling.

Masternaut's business intelligence solution has also led to an increased awareness of driver safety. Control room managers can now take immediate action without driver input, based solely on the strength of data feedback.

In addition to injury claims, companies may find their insurance is compromised if they cannot prove best efforts to maintain premises and eliminate risk. The Masternaut system is used as a source of accountability for GRITIT's customers and front-line employees during the snow season. Masternaut's vehicle tracking provides proof of attendance, leading to a reduced number of complaints against scheduled gritting jobs.

GRITIT Managing Director, Nikki Singh-Barmi, believes it isn't too late for companies to get a winter risk strategy in place. He adds: "The law places responsibility on employers and owners or occupiers to ensure that premises are maintained to a level that reduces the risk of injury. Anything hazardous, such as snow and ice, must be removed.

"At GRITIT we've spent all summer planning and getting ourselves, our equipment and - more importantly - our clients ready for what may lie ahead. The importance of 'getting it right'; or being as accurate as you can be when it comes to business planning for snowfall and icy conditions, cannot be underestimated."

Providing services to major retailers, offices, the NHS and schools, GRITIT uses a corporate weather forecasting service provided by MeteoGroup that has 97.67%. percent accuracy in short-term forecasting. The weather reports are entered into a unique web-based solution for rigorous management of UK-wide commercial gritting operations. GRITIT required complete compatibility if it was going to introduce new processes into its reporting and job scheduling system.

Masternaut's system ensures the right vehicles are sent to suitable locations, creating greater job efficiency. Masternaut uses GPS to track the gritters, with the information automatically transmitted via GPRS so that the position of the vehicle can then be recorded. This information is available to the gritting managers in real-time for accurate reporting or incident management. A daily report is also delivered by email for historical monitoring.

Accumulating and securely storing this information allows GRITIT to create a legally compliant audit trail providing details as to the location of any vehicle within the fleet, at any given time.


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