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High growth for Masternaut Ireland as Irish companies use data insight technology to manage down costs

PIP Fire & Security
Masternaut tracks PIP Fire Security
11 June, 2013

Masternaut Ireland has announced strong growth in 2012 and the start of 2013, this month signing PIP Fire & Security, the security system installation and maintenance company, as its 300th customer. The take-up of telematics-based products has been attributed to a central theme of cost control across a range of functions, encouraging businesses to look at new technologies as a way to generate efficiencies. PIP Fire & Security has implemented Masternaut's vehicle tracking technology across the whole of its fleet of engineer vehicles in order to improve safety and efficiency, and reduce fuel costs.

Masternaut has expanded its telematics product portfolio to offer Irish businesses access to a greater range of reporting options and in-depth data analysis in order to identify areas for cost reduction and operational efficiencies. These include protective and preventative measures that impact how drivers behave behind the wheel. While customer growth originates from a range of sectors and industries, the construction industry in particular has responded to the ability to drive down fuel costs through more resourceful scheduling, the ability to monitor the fuel usage of various types of vehicles and improvements in driver behaviour.

Last year Masternaut announced the appointment of Phil Barnes as Business Development Manager, Ireland. Phil is tasked with building on this success to extend the benefits of Masternaut's products and services within businesses, as well as expanding the customer portfolio.

Commenting on the rate of customer growth, Barnes said: "Improved insight from data analysis is equipping Irish businesses with the tools to more effectively manage their fleet operations. At a challenging time like this, Masternaut Ireland is acquiring customers through a proven ability to deliver an impressive ROI - and quickly."

John Lyness, Operations Director at PIP Security, added: "We've brought on Masternaut's systems across our whole fleet to actively improve customer service, fleet efficiency and driver safety and, crucially, to help us reduce fuels costs. PIP's engineers are on-call around-the-clock, and it's essential our team can react rapidly to customers' requests. Pinpointing the nearest engineer to the job via Masternaut's at-a-glance view of the entire fleet allows us to cut down on the amount of unnecessary time our drivers are spending on the road, reaching our customers in record time while improving fuel efficiency."

"We've been extremely happy with the level of service we've received from Phil and his team, and look forward to working closely with Masternaut Ireland in order to drive further business benefits."

Masternaut works with businesses across all sectors to improve efficiency, safety, and reduce fuel consumption. These include Chambers Coaches, Michael Dixon International, Montgomery Refrigeration, Bryson Recycling and Warmflow.


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