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Masternaut improves patient healthcare logistics

Healthcare Logictics
1 November, 2005

Masternaut is helping improve patient care by ensuring the safe, on time delivery of vital medical supplies. In a contract with Healthcare Logistics, Masternaut has developed a satellite tracking system that links to temperature sensors on chilled transport vehicles, allowing their movements and load compartment temperatures to be live monitored via the web. The Healthcare Logistics chilled fleet carries sensitive medicines such as vaccines. Masternaut was selected to improve patient safety and care, providing real time monitoring and end-to-end traceability of these deliveries.

Masternaut is linked to Transcan temperature logging and control equipment and includes in-cab data communication and navigation using rugged HHP 7900 devices from Handheld Products. The handhelds link to onboard telematics and sensors via a dashboard cradle electronic delivery manifests are received directly from a UPSLT RoadNet scheduling system. Drivers are then guided to each delivery through on-screen maps and voice commands.

Healthcare Logistics is currently expanding its fleet to over 200, with around half the fleet equipped for both ambient and chilled temperature transport. The company delivers pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to every hospital and every wholesaler every day, with many deliveries also to pharmacies, health centres and direct to homes. Navigation is seen as particularly useful for managing pharmacy and home deliveries, especially where drivers may not be familiar with the territory; the system automatically navigates them to each location.

"Patient safety and service to our customers is crucially important and Masternaut has proven to be an excellent tracking solution that really does meet all our needs. The chilled monitoring alone justifies the system, but we know there will be many additional benefits resulting from real time and centralised control of the fleet" says Russell Melrose IS Director of Healthcare Logistics.


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