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Tudor gives a speedier response with Masternaut

1 November, 2005

Rapid response engineers working for maintenance and installation services company Tudor are being aided by satellites following the installation of a Masternaut tracking system. Wigan-based Tudor responds to emergencies such as heating failures, leaks, electrical faults, and other potentially dangerous hazards in public buildings. Masternaut tracks the firms service vehicles every minute of the day via the Internet and provides time logs via e-mail of vehicle activities.

As well as helping allocate the nearest engineer to a call out, the Masternaut service also has an important role in security and safety. Already three stolen vans have been retrieved immediately without damage by Police who simply followed the Masternaut trace which showed the vehicle movements and the eventual location.

Tudor is also about to add in-vehicle navigation devices that guide engineers to emergencies avoiding traffic hazards along the way. These Masternaut PDAs, which link to the vehicle telematics equipment, will also allow electronic messaging, job despatch and closure.

“Masternaut has proved considerably better than our previous tracking system and has proved a real asset for improving our emergency response services. It gives us really useful information on the service operation, all very easily via the web. We can also validate arrival and departure times from site, automatically track hours worked, and be alerted in the case of unauthorised use of theft” says Arthur Naylor, Tudor Northwest Managing Director.


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