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Masternaut satellite tracking helps the aged

Help The Aged
1 October, 2005

Help the Aged has equipped 160 of its collection vehicles with a new in-cab wireless data and satellite tracking system from Masternaut. Operating over the web, the Masternaut service provides electronic communication with live tracking and provides a real-time log of the movements of each vehicle. The system is helping boost efficiency and productivity so that more money is available for helping disadvantaged older people.

Help the Aged is one of Britain's largest charities with a £70 million annual income. For every £1 donated, at least 66p is spent directly on improving the lives of older people in the UK. The Charity has 380 shops and the fleet of vans make collections of clothes from homes across the UK

Help The Aged staff deliver plastic collection bags to homes and return to collect bags of donated items that are sold in the shops. An initial pilot of Masternaut proved highly successful, highlighting opportunities for productivity improvements in the fleet operations and Help the Aged has now equipped most of its fleet of vans.

"This is a huge step forward for Help the Aged and will have a far reaching impact on the Charity. Masternaut gives us real control over the fleet with vital management information that we simply did not have before. It is already clear that we can make big improvements in the way we use the fleet" says Jon Evans, Retail Administration Manager of Help the Aged.

Help the Aged is not only the first Charity to take advantage of satellite tracking, but is the first organisation to install a new Masternaut Vehicle Data Terminal (VDT). This dash-mounted device with LCD screen provides live two-way communication. It will be used for assistance requests, safety reporting and the recording of operational information such as mileage and the number of bags dropped and collected.

With Masternaut now continually recording fleet activity, time-logging and routing activity information is now available in a live and real time environment. Help the Aged is now implementing Masternaut's route and schedule planning software that will allow routes to be optimised.

"This is where we can make real productivity improvements and reduce our ever increasing fuel bills." says Jon Evans. "We run a relatively large transport operation and with Masternaut, our field based management team now have real visibility. We can now look at how each van is being used and the system will compute best routes and allow us to really improve utilisation throughout the entire fleet".

“It is too early to put a figure on the financial benefits to Help the Aged, but it is already clear they will be more than enough to recoup the cost of Masternaut system" continues Evans.


Help the Aged aims to create a future where older people are free from the disadvantages of poverty, isolation and neglect so they can live with dignity as valued, respected and involved members of society. The Charity helps to ensure older people have enough money to live on and are not left isolated, as well as ensuring that they are getting the right quality care and have equality and rights.


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