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Marshall Thermo King Signs Five-Year Masternaut Contract

Marshall Thermo King
1 June, 2005

Marshall Thermo King has installed a GPS customer management system into the Company’s fleet of over 110 mobile service vehicles. Now, for the first time,each service controller (tasked with allocating jobs to engineers) is able to view the exact location of the entire fleet of mobile engineers live and as it happens!

The system supplied by Masternaut will be used to manage Marshall’s national mobile service, this enables the national aftersales network to be more interactive and proactive with customers. The system is used to dispatch and allocate jobs to the nearest vehicle or most appropriate engineer. There are many vehicle tracking systems on the market most are used to log vehicle movements; the major difference with MTK’s system is that it can be viewed live on the web.

This means that service controllers have an instant tool in allocating engineers to customer requests, improving response time, reducing vehicle downtime and also limiting unnecessary travel. MTK can now confirm ETA’s up to the minute and this is having a major positive impact on customer service.

The Masternaut system is the first of a number of initiatives that will make Marshall’s service operation one of the most modern in the country. Marshall is also developing systems that will ultimately lead to all engineers having instant access to complete unit service history, download capability, wiring diagrams, technical bulletins and parts picking information - all of which are designed to give better diagnostic capacity. This shows further long term investment is being made in the physical infrastructure of the Marshall network.


All of the mentioned programmes are being developed alongside our commitment to training - each engineer undertakes 60 hours of training per year regardless of experience - and each member of our non-technical staff attends a customer care course which focuses on experiencing transport from the operators perspective.

Customers are at the heart of any business and how Marshall Thermo King matches the customers expected levels of service will dictate how successful the company is. Marshall Thermo King’s investment in Masternaut and the constant investment in the physical coverage of England is all part of a wider programme to enhance service quality at every level of the Company. MTK has unique strength in national coverage and engineer skill. Investing in these new tools to improve response times and overall customer service, we hope that our customers, old and new, experience a better service by using Marshall Thermo King.


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