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Masternaut puts the shine on Lantern Recovery's service

1 May, 2005

Lantern has become the first vehicle recovery operator to install a newly-developed system linking job despatch to in-vehicle satellite navigation. Working via the Internet, the Masternaut system combines tracking, job allocation and despatch with in-vehicle navigation and electronic signature capture. It is seen as the first-ever solution to provide complete automation from job receipt to recovery and will provide Lantern with industry-leading levels of service.

Masternaut has pioneered web-based tracking services for fleet operators. The new recovery system developed for Lantern represents the most comprehensive integration of different technologies seen yet. The whole solution works in association with the Laser Byte VTRAK despatch system. Jobs processed by VTRAK are immediately transmitted to the nearest suitable recovery vehicle with navigation provided to recovery locations via in-cab PDA devices.

Lantern Recovery Specialists plc operate over 100 vehicles and run a network with 6000 vehicles for nationwide recovery work. With a control centre at Potters Bar and depots at South Mimms, Luton, Tottenham and Heston, Lantern vehicles are a common sight around the northern half of the M25 where the company is also the Police-appointed recovery contractor.

The handy PDA devices, which double as mobile phones, sit in a dashboard cradle for charging and connection to the onboard telematics. Jobs sent from the VTRAK system pop up on screen in seconds and as soon as accepted, the navigation system is activated, guiding the driver to the recovery location. Lantern see this navigation feature as particularly useful as drivers spend a lot of time trying to find their way around. The PDA's also offer electronic signature capture and credit card payment facilities so Lantern can replace paper forms with a much quicker electronic solution that will help improve customer service.

“For a long time we have been waiting for a system like Masternaut. It is the only system that could do everything we needed; tracking, communications, navigation, signature capture and even a driver hours system for managing new Working Time regulations. And with navigation, we are saving a lot of time, stress and fuel” says Cathie Chapman, Lantern’s HR Manager.

“Masternaut also means that everything is instantly available via the web which makes it so convenient and easy to use. Our controllers are over the moon – it has made their lives so much easier. And we are already seeing big improvements in service and cost savings that are well in excess of our expectations” continues Cathie Chapman

Craig Coleman, Lantern’s Operations Director comments, "Lantern have always tried to be proactive in responding to the needs of our customers and our staff and this latest investment will enable us to meet our key business objectives whilst ensuring our customers continue to receive the highest level of care".


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