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Masternaut equipped grit spreaders keep London's roads safe in Newham

1 November, 2004

Masternaut’s satellite-linked telematics technology is being used to track the minute-by-minute movements of gritting vehicles in London. Installed in gritters run by the London Borough of Newham, the system logs actual routes and the exact time to give a highly accurate log of the precise location of any vehicle at any given time.

Newham see Masternaut as an important aid to ensure the council keep their roads free of ice and snow in line with new statutory requirements. With highly accurate time logs and the exact mapping of routes, the council will be armed with powerful evidence of services should the information be needed to resolve any disputes that might arise in the future.

In severe weather, Masternaut will provide the added benefit of allowing Newham to keep everyone informed on the progress of the gritting operation – in real time. Installed in the council’s DAF/Whale grit spreaders, the telematics unit incorporates a GPS satellite receiver and GPRS always-on data communications. This links to a driver ID key and gritting equipment sensors so that logs also identify the driver and when exactly gritting began and stopped.

Masternaut provides useful driver and vehicle data provided as part of daily and weekly e-mail reports. These allow driver hours, mileage and overall performance to be monitored completely automatically.

“Since it is a web service, the council has not had to buy or install any special software and it is very easy to use, with information accessible from any PC. We also chose Masternaut because it could be easily tailored to meet our exact needs. This configuration work was done very quickly, allowing us to get everything up and running in just a few weeks ahead of the winter season” commented James Weldon of LB Newham.


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