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Masternaut parent purchased by French tolls in £multi-million deal

1 July, 2004

Masternaut UK’s parent company in France has been acquired in a £multi-million deal with Sanef, a major French transportation conglomerate specialising in toll road technology and infrastructure. Sanef is already a pioneer in transport technology and through Masternaut is planning a major assault on the European telematics market which is set to grow substantially with new European Union (EU) pay-as-you-go road pricing directives.

Masternaut (www.masternaut.co.uk) specialise in delivering live vehicle information over the Internet with on-board telematics linked to GPS satellites and the latest mobile communications technology. New generation electronic road pricing schemes will rely on exactly this type of technology and Masternaut gives Sanef a ready-made platform to develop competitive systems and services for European-wide schemes.

For Masternaut in the UK, the Sanef deal is seen as strategically important for the future as the UK government embarks on wider road pricing schemes. Technology such as electronic tags and automatic number recognition has proved key to the success of UK tolls and London congestion charging and Sanef brings considerable international experience to Masternaut.

“Sanef provides Masternaut with a significant European backer who has extensive experience worldwide in transport technology and especially toll road schemes. The tie up with Sanef will further boost our research and development and provide invaluable know-how at the highest levels of EU government” says Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut.

The movements of over 12000 vehicles throughout Europe are managed in real time using the Masternaut service. The company has also seen rapid uptake of a new handheld technology that gives live information on service, delivery or sales calls and navigates the driver to their appointment or job.

Sanef, who employ 3000 people with annual turnover of in excess of £500 million, see Masternaut as strategically important due to the success of the company’s telematics solutions throughout Europe. Masternaut gives Sanef an immediate entry into the business to business market where telematics information is being used to great effect in improving productivity, services and profitability of companies across a broad spectrum of industry.

For more information on EU road pricing initiatives there is a useful document available at www.prelude-portal.org/ettc/uploads/hamet_p.pdf.


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