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Masternaut cuts Creta Ceramica's transport costs with 'TourSolver'

Creta Ceramica
1 October, 2004

Ceramic tile distributor Creta Ceramica is cutting its transport costs with new automated scheduling and tracking technology from Masternaut. The company has implemented Masternaut’s TourSolver routing and scheduling software to reduce transport costs by 10%. In addition, Creta Ceramica’s entire vehicle fleet of HGV’s, merchandising vans and area manager cars, have been equipped with Masternaut telematics. This provides live tracking via the web and performance reports by e-mail.

Creta Ceramica import floor and wall tiles from all over the world and are one of the UK’s largest distributors supplying to retailers such as kitchen shops, tile stores and DIY outlets. Transport planning had previously been a manual process. Since automating with Masternaut TourSolver, it has been possible to operate with fewer vehicles.

“TourSolver has had a big impact in enabling us to streamline our transport operations and save costs. As well as cutting costs by around 10%, further savings are anticipated through less reliance on agency vehicles in peaks times. The software is also allowing us to assess whether the current mix of vehicles is right. The software really does highlight inefficiencies”. Says Mike Farr, Warehouse and Distribution Manager of Creta Ceramica.

The web-based fleet information provided by Masternaut is providing added operational and service benefits. Creta Ceramica no longer needs to call their drivers to find out where they are. The exact whereabouts of each vehicle can be checked 24 hours a day by simply connecting to the web. Customers can be informed of their location and estimated time of arrival and vehicles can be re-routed immediately to respond to special requests or to avoid traffic congestion. The Masternaut service can also automatically alert if a vehicle enters a specific area, such as a ‘barred location’.

“With live information on the fleet we always feel in touch with what is going on. It is great to have that level of control without having to call the driver all the time. It is especially useful when we get called by a customer awaiting a delivery as we know exactly where the vehicle is and when it is likely to arrive” says Mike Farr. “Masternaut’s daily and weekly e-mail reports are also very useful for keeping a check on things like driver hours, mileage, idling time and fuel consumption. They provide a continual check on our performance and allow us to quickly pick up problems with any vehicles”.


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