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Masternaut in-vehicle PDA transmits destinations and navigates driver

Ice Box
1 December, 2003

Ice Box, a company famous for its ice sculptures, is getting a bird’s eye view of its ice delivery vans using a live tracking system from Masternaut. The movement of each Ice Box van is beamed by satellite and sent via the web direct to PC’s at the company’s headquarters at New Covent Garden. Using Masternaut, Ice Box has reduced the un-productive time each vehicle spends on the road and has improved service through better routing and journey planning.

Ice Box has created some of the world’s most striking ice sculptures, creating a full sized bar for Guinness, sculptures for a James Bond film premier, and numerous ice creations for major promotions (see www.theicebox.com). The company is also a key supplier of ice to hotels, events and parties.

Masternaut transmits vehicle positions from a sophisticated in-vehicle device, which is computer processed and fed live to the web. The service includes useful e-mail reports with a complete log of time on site and travelling time. Ice Box is also about to install Masternaut’s m-schedule system that provides messaging and navigation to a PDA held in a dashboard cradle.

“People tend not to pre-order ice so we need to be highly responsive and coordinating the fleet can be a real logistics headache. Most deliveries are time critical so good service is crucial. With Masternaut we no longer have to call drivers to find out where they are. We can see where they all the time and we can instantly inform a customer of their progress and time of delivery” says Philip Hughes, Managing Director of Ice Box.

The ice business is very seasonal, peaking in the summer and around the Christmas and New Year party season. “In peak times Masternaut is a real help in helping us maintain services levels and at other times the e-mailed reports pinpoint wasted miles and unnecessary waiting, ensuring operations are optimised and costs minimised” says Philip Hughes.


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