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Masternaut puts Knightsbridge Furniture in the driving seat

1 January, 2000

Knightsbridge Furniture is seeing big improvements in fleet utilisation and customer service after subscribing to Masternaut, the online fleet information service. The company’s HGV fleet has been equipped with advanced telematics technology that transmits real-time information from driver ID, electronic tachograph and satellite navigation, direct to the Web.

Live information on delivery progress is available around the clock on the Masternaut website. This enables dynamic re-scheduling and better delivery time predictions resulting in improved vehicle utilisation and better customer service. Crucially, Knightsbridge Furniture has been able to reduce their reliance on contract transport and already estimate savings of £700 a week from the all-in service fee of just £120 a week. Knightsbridge Furniture, a well-known contract-seating manufacturer with over 60 years history, had been facing tougher competition and increasing delivery demands. Deliveries to the UK and Ireland are handled by their own fleet of 8 vehicles on a weekly schedule.

“To meet tighter deadlines and more finite times, plus be able to better schedule deliveries, we needed to find something that would give us that extra information and added control. Masternaut has given us an immediate solution and it is not only easy to use, but really quite inexpensive” says Robert Phillips, Managing Director of Knightsbridge Furniture. “The most effective way to beat foreign competition is to offer better and more accurate service information. There is no point in putting all the resources into the front end only for the transport to let the process down.”

The Masternaut service is unique in the way it delivers information to companies. Apart from being entirely web-based, allowing easy access anywhere through any PC with Internet connection, the service provides weekly e-mail reports on fleet and resource productivity.

“Now we have it running, Masternaut has made our fleet almost transparent. It is just there all the time and automatically sends us crucial information by e-mail, with easy to understand reports with graphs that highlight productivity and service issues. We will use this information to continually fine tune deliveries and improve services” comments Robert Phillips.

Knightsbridge Furniture’s Transport Manager Jack Rogers says “I had wanted a satellite tracking system for sometime. Each vehicle and its cargo is worth £70k and it is really important to know where they are. Masternaut is spot on - it gives me control over the fleet and, even though we have only had it a short while, I don’t know how we would do without it”.


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