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Engineering services speeds fleet response with Masternaut satellite system

1 January, 2000

Engineering company Leymac has reported a 15% improvement in vehicle fleet utilisation through use of a Masternaut Web service that automatically locates vehicles. The service links GPS satellite positioning and mobile communications to monitor Leymac vehicle movements via the Internet.

Leymac, who are based in Liverpool, install energy management systems and provide a 24-hour rapid response service for heating breakdowns, gas leaks and other emergencies within public buildings such as schools, hospitals and council offices.

“Cost effectiveness is increasingly important in our market and Masternaut has really highlighted the terrific cost of transport. It has shown how much time and cost is wasted through inefficient job planning and unnecessary travelling ” says John McCormack of Leymac. “Since installation we have seen an immediate improvement in productivity and between 15% and 20% reduction in fuel costs”.

Another key benefit, popular with Leymac’s engineers, is the ability to apply more flexible working practices. As Masternaut automatically logs actual arrival, departure and one-site times, it provides a complete self-managed clocking on/off system so engineers no longer need to report to the office at the start or end of their day.

Leymac also finds Masternaut useful for resolving customer service issues providing evidence of response times and duration on site. “We can immediately refer to Masternaut’s management reports which we get e-mailed. These give us a precise time and activity log to assess actual service delivery” says John McCormack.


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