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Masternaut and Carillion partnership will help fleets drive smarter miles

18 August, 2006

Masternaut and Carillion Fleet Management have formed a partnership to revolutionise the management of the UK's vehicle fleets through use of the latest telematics technology. Masternaut is set to underpin major expansion by Carillion into the fleet management market offering a new type of service to improve value, efficiency and sustainability of fleet operations.

The tie-up with Masternaut allows Carillion's fleet operations to benefit from Masternaut's live web-based tracking and resource management solution. With 17,000 vehicles under Carillion's management, it is a business focused on delivering efficiency in all areas of fleet management.

Carillion already provides a unique fleet management service that, by consolidating resources and maximising the use of technology, ensures that it delivers high value solutions at low cost to its customers.

Masternaut now adds a completely new dimension, allowing Carillion and its customers to receive real time information of the movements of every vehicle via the web. With added activity reports and real-time incident alerts, Carillion is armed with vital information to improve utilisation, cut fuel costs, reduce unnecessary mileage and drive customer service improvements.

"Masternaut gives us a really powerful management tool as we can gain a complete picture of the actual workings of a fleet - in reality and not just on paper. From this we can develop fleet management strategies that revolve around driving smarter miles. That means improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact and gaining maximum financial viability" says Angus Heward, Business Development Director of Carillion Fleet Management.


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