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£1million contract seals new alliance between Masternaut and FibreCity

FibreCity Alliance
1 March, 2004

Leeds, 10 March 2004 - Masternaut has awarded a £1million contract to FibreCity as part of a partnership that will see two of the country’s fastest growing technology companies deliver innovative web-based services to companies operating fleets of sales, service and delivery vehicles.

FibreCity will be web-hosting Masternaut’s ground-breaking satellite navigation and fleet information service which has proved highly popular since its launch in the UK. Masternaut has grown ten-fold in just 18 months. Using GPS satellite and GPRS mobile phone technology, the movements of over 12000 vehicles throughout Europe are managed in real time using the service.

Masternaut’s 200 subscribing UK customers can see the location of each of their vehicles on the web and are e-mailed daily activity reports that enable significant improvements in security, productivity and fleet utilisation. However, Masternaut’s real success has been in the uptake of a new mobile system that uses PDA-type devices. These receive and transmit information, such as sales and service calls and completions, as well as navigating the driver to the premises, eliminating paperwork and helping the mobile staff achieve much more work in the day.

FibreCity is a specialist Internet technology and service company that provide web hosting and related service for companies providing a wide variety of web services. They service major companies like Cisco and BT. Masternaut has been using FibreCity since their launch and the new contract includes a range of hosting services and facilities.

“Masternaut has become the fastest growing telematics company in the UK and the service has already attracted a number of leading companies such as WH Smith, Serco, Reality Group, Wincanton and Mitie” says Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut.

“FibreCity has proved to be an ideal partner and the reliability and security afforded by their web hosting services have been crucial in our success. It is an added bonus that they are also Leeds based and we are very excited about the closer alliance that has been agreed” continues Martin Port.

“Masternaut’s innovative web fleet services rightly deserve the success they have had and we are planning for a big increase in our server data capacity as more and more vehicles come on stream. However, our businesses are very complimentary and we foresee exciting developments, both in business and technology, resulting from a strong alliance” says Brannan Tempest, Managing Director of FibreCity.


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