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Masternaut's unique service protects vehicle operators from prosecution

1 January, 2005

Masternaut has announced a new automated recording service called HourTrak to protect transport operators from breaches of the new Road Transport Working Time Regulations. Available through a simple web browser, the service promises to dramatically cut the administration burden on companies.

HourTrak is a very easy system that uses unique driver ID keys linked to Masternaut’s satellite tracking solution. It automatically calculates working time, including each drivers running average throughout the reference period. It also highlights potential problems or breaches of the regulations using a highly visible colour coding.

With the Road Transport Working Time Directive scheduled to become part of UK law on 23 March 2005, companies need to maintain highly accurate records of every hour their drivers are driving, resting or waiting, sick, on holiday or available for work. Masternaut’s HourTrak service does most of this work automatically without the need to employ extra staff.

Driver activity reports, available online and sent by email, will support any case, legal or otherwise. Operators just need a PC with an internet connection. The whereabouts of each vehicle is monitored every minute, 24 hours a day. Controllers can view locations on street maps and use special scheduling and routing software to ensure operations are planned within driver hour regulations and then quickly adapt their plans if regulations are in danger of being contravened.

The Driver ID system ensures that there is absolutely no confusion about who was driving at a particular time. By adding a dashboard data terminal, the driver can easily switch his or her status to record working and non-working time. The same terminal can be used for receiving delivery jobs and point-to-point navigation to the next destination. Vehicle data is all relayed to the Internet in real time giving operators unsurpassed control over operations, and drivers a very easy way to record their hours.

HourTrak eliminates paper form filling that is open to inaccuracy and possible abuse. With data being collected automatically, it provides a completely independent verification; something that is invaluable should it ever be needed to defend a case.

Any adjustments are easily made to cover such things as holiday and sickness. Amendments are recorded with a brief reason for the change ensuring a complete audit trail for future reference. Adjustments for ‘periods of availability’ can be made manually or by linking into tachographs, with such periods automatically being excluded from working time.

“Anyone breaking the working time regulations could face up to 2 years in jail. Telematics provides an absolutely essential tool in ensuring adherence to this new law. Our challenge has been to design something that handles all the many complexities and variables. At the same time we have made the service really simple to use by both drivers and operators, easily accessible via the web, and sound enough to stand up in court as evidence should it ever come to that” says Martin Port, Managing Director of Masternaut.


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