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Masternaut gives Eezehaul's management 'eyes'

9 November, 2007

Eezehaul is pioneering a new telematics and satellite tracking system developed by Masternaut that provides live monitoring of vehicle and driver performance.  The Gatwick-based express transport, storage and distribution company has made comprehensive operational improvements as a result of the service, installed across its entire fleet of delivery vehicles.

Masternaut not only tracks Eezehaul's fleet with pinpoint accuracy but is providing various real time reporting functions, including engine idling, route monitoring and driver performance. All of this has had significant positive impact on the business.

According to Mark Duggan, Managing Director, Eezehaul: "Masternaut has given our management team 'eyes'. Now we can monitor various events that enable us to boost productivity by increasing the number of parcel drops per round, which increases efficiency. It also helps support our key performance indicators by proving exactly when our drivers leave the depot and arrive at the hub."

Eezehaul is one of the largest inputters to The Pallet Network and APC, providing delivery services to over 600 customers pinpointed on Masternaut mapping displays.  This provides greater visibility of operations via the web and ensures Eezehaul can assign the nearest vehicle for urgent collections and live manage movements in the event of traffic problems and other incidents.  

Mark Duggan also highlights the fact that Masternaut is helping to moderate behaviour, ensuring that drivers work to rules and standards. With the use of the driver ID keys that each driver carries and the incidence of anonymous damage has lessened, which has led to a great improvement in the presentation of the fleet and the reduction in repair costs simply by encouraging better driving.

"Drivers have a tough enough job and anything we can do to help is beneficial. Masternaut helps every member of the company to work smarter and better. The more we use it, the more we get out of it. Masternaut assists us with training new drivers as we can review their performance and help advise them and there are many other practical uses for it. For example, the mapping overview is extremely useful to pinpoint addresses, which increases first-time delivery rates. We can also look at traffic conditions and suggest alternative routes if necessary," says Mark Duggan.

Eezehaul's management team is completely won over by the utility of Masternaut and has a raft of ideas for future implementation, including integrating fuel cards and also with the company's Indigo despatch system. Eezehaul is also looking at the potential of upgrading to Masternaut's routing service as the company makes as many as 2,500 deliveries a day and currently routes these manually.

"Choosing the right telematics solution gives you endless possibilities. It is, however, important to choose the right technology and supplier. We are completely satisfied with Masternaut. The team is easy to work with and customer services are very attentive and keep us advised of new developments," concludes Mark Duggan.


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