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Construction sector

Construction Sector

The construction industry faces many unique challenges. Our deep understanding of your sector has led us to develop solutions that help you tackle rises in fuel costs and wages, while at the same time adhere to new legislation and meet market pressures by raising productivity and lowering costs. Helping you operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability our construction expertise means we can help you overcome your day-to-day challenges, as well as make the most of new opportunities.

Rising fuel and operational costs

The rising price of fuel is putting those in the construction industry under even greater financial pressure. Using heavy plant and machinery is unavoidable, and costs are becoming increasingly harder to manage. We’re committed to helping minimise your fuel consumption and reducing your running costs, which is why we’ve created a solution that monitors all elements of vehicle and driver efficiency. Are you running more vehicles than you need? Are you choosing the most efficient routes? Are your vehicles running at optimal performance? Through total visibility you can highlight areas for improvement and take action.

Duty of care

With so many high-risk working environments, we know that being able to provide your construction workforce with the safest possible working environment is critical to adhering to legislation and fulfilling your duty of care. We’ve developed solutions to keep you informed in real-time when potentially dangerous situations occur such as winch arms or support systems being engaged without the associated safety measures in place. Through real-time links we can help you reduce the chance of accidents and give your workers the support and security they need.

Meeting service level agreements

We know how important it is that you can document your workforce's activity to show compliance with your service level agreements. That’s why we’ve developed integrated solutions that use the latest aerial photography to give you a bird’s-eye view of landmark sites in a single click and document the exact time, location, and detailed activity of all your vehicles. The result? A robust archive of your workforces activity to prove your work and ensure you meet your service level agreements every time.

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