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Public Sector

Public Sector & Waste

Our deep understanding of the public sector means we can not only solve your day-to-day challenges, but also help you take advantage of new opportunities to improve your operations well into the future.

Duty of care

The public sector has a higher rate of lone workers than most other sectors and we know that being able to provide them with a safe working environment and fulfilling your duty of care is essential especially when many of your team work alone out in the field, or out of normal working hours. We’ve developed solutions to keep you informed in real-time when a security issue arises, and establish real-time links that give your employees the support and security they need at the sharp end.

Environmental impact

As you’ll know, managing your impact on the environment and monitoring your carbon emissions is a key issue. You need to demonstrate that you’re actively cutting down your emissions and you need to do it on a limited budget. We’ve developed leading edge technology that calculates a vehicle's actual emissions and relays this information to you and your drivers to encourage more environmentally friendly driving practices. The best news is that whilst this is helping you monitor and reduce your carbon emissions, you’re also reducing the cost per job, which means you can deliver additional services for the same level of investment.

Meeting service level agreements

Because we know how important it is that you can document your activity to show compliance with your service level agreements we’ve developed integrated solutions that document the exact time, location, and activity of all your vehicles. Using the latest aerial photography we give you a bird’s-eye view of landmark areas such as ponds, parks, open spaces and even house numbers with address details in a single click. A feature that’s particularly valuable for a local authority, as every house is one of your customers. At Masternaut, we do so much more than vehicle tracking. We offer fully integrated mobile workforce solutions. Our mobile devices can be used to handle job schedules, navigation, stock management, signature capture, job documentation including capturing photographic evidence, two-way communications and more.

No matter how simple or complex your requirement Masternaut solutions can respond.

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