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Service sector

Service Sector

Our deep understanding of the service sector means we can put you ahead of your competition and keep you there. Securing your customer relationships for the long term, maximising your utilisation, and helping you operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability.

Rising fuel costs

In the service sector there’s constant pressure to increase productivity, decrease costs and adhere to constantly changing legal requirements. In the face of rising fuel costs and increasing wage levels minimising costs while maximising performance can seem unachievable. Because we understand how critical this is we’ve developed solutions that streamline your entire operation through total visibility of your fleet and mobile workforce with full integration with your back office and other data such as your fuel card transactions.

First time fix rate

Increasing your first time fix rate can unlock your commercial potential so we’ve developed technology that can have an immediate impact. Integrating your operation with seamless data transfer and real-time communications means you can work with the most intelligent schedules, assigning the right engineers, with the right skills and the right parts to eliminate the need for costly repeat visits.

Duty of care

Adhering to safety legislation and fulfilling your duty of care is essential, especially when so many of your team work alone out in the field, or out of normal working hours. We’ve developed solutions to keep you informed in real-time when a safety or security issue arises, and establish real-time links that give your workers the support and security they need. Our solutions help you target training to those employees that require it helping them to deliver your service in a way that is safe for all concerned.

Customer satisfaction & Service level agreements

We understand that the cost of acquiring a new customer far exceeds the cost of keeping one. The key to this is maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction and consistently meeting your service level agreements. With solutions that show you what’s happening in the field 24/7, you can ensure the best customer service and secure long-term and financially rewarding customer relationships. And because our solutions create robust documentation of your teams’ activity including exact time, location, and specific activity you can easily track performance and document work with total accuracy.

No matter how simple or complex your requirement Masternaut solutions can respond.

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