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Transport & Logistics Sector

Transport & Logistics Sector

In the transport & logistics sector you face fresh challenges every day. Our background in your sector has led us to develop solutions that help you tackle rises in fuel costs, while adhering to new legislation and meeting market pressures by raising productivity and lowering costs. Through understanding we can help you operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability, helping you overcome your day-to-day challenges, as well as make the most of new opportunities.

Rising fuel costs

More than any other sector the impact of the rising price of fuel is hitting transport & logistics hardest. Using vast amounts of fuel is unavoidable, it’s the lifeblood of your sector, but associated costs are becoming increasingly harder to manage. We’re committed to helping minimise your fleet’s fuel consumption and reducing your running costs, which is why we’ve created a solution that monitors all elements of vehicle, driver and fleet efficiency. Are you running more vehicles than you need? Are you choosing the most efficient routes? Are your vehicles running at optimal performance? Through total visibility our solutions can highlight areas for improvement and help you achieve a leaner, more efficient business.

Duty of care and safety legislation

It’s essential in the transport & logistics sector that you can ensure your team operate under safe working practices and in adherence to relevant legislation. Guarding against penalties and adhering to working time directives will keep you in business. To help you fulfil your duty of care and maintain your operational efficiency we’ve developed solutions that closely monitor and document driver hours and integrate fully with tachographs to help streamline your operation and reduce the chance of ‘hours law’ legal infringements.

Minimising administration

No matter what you transport, administration can be a huge burden and can create a tangible obstacle to operating profitably. Our appreciation of this has led us to develop solutions that reduce time-consuming paperwork that help you realise your maximum profitability and speed up your cash flow. Providing your customer base with accurate documentation means you can minimise invoice enquiries and provide proof of delivery. Whilst developing a smooth flow of paperwork through your business you can concentrate your efforts on business rather than paperwork.

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